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Common sunstar
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  Image Reference:   PX-POIPSLP
  Subject:   Common sunstar
  Scientific Name:   Crossaster papposus
  Description:   Brightly coloured and large the common sunstar is a serious predator which feeds on a variety of invertebrates including other sea stars. The individual in this image was living on the rusting metal plates of a trawler wreck and this may have contributed to its unusual colour, the majority of common sunstars come in variations of red rather than orange. The number of arms may vary between 8 and 14. To 340 mm. N Atlantic from the Brittany to the Arctic, Iceland, Greenland, Canada.
  Country:   Scotland
  Location:   Harris
  Additional Information:   N/A
  Release Status:   No Release
  Pixel Dimensions:   4256 x 2832
  Keywords:   wildlife natural history nature underwater sea life marine life invertebrates marine invertebrates sea stars starfish starfishes echinoderms sun stars sunstars common sunstars red sunstars Crossaster papposus arms colourful bottom dwellers predators sea lochs Solasteridae Eugnathina Spinulosida Asteroidea Asterozoa Eleutherozoa Echinodermata arctic seas cool temperate seas north east Atlantic Ocean north west Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean Scotland Harris Hushinish Bay trawler wreck orange yellow 7O 6Y horizontal

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