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Risso's crab
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  Image Reference:   PX-R4SSCOU
  Subject:   Risso's crab
  Scientific Name:   Xantho pilipes
  Description:   This Risso's crab is maintaining a low profile as a means of defence. This species can be found from intertidal areas down into deeper water usually in areas where it can find stones to hide under. The habitat suggested by this image is typical. UK records are mostly from the west coast. To 40 mm wide. E Atlantic, Angola to Norway, Mediterranean.
  Country:   Scotland
  Location:   Skye
  Additional Information:   N/A
  Release Status:   No Release
  Pixel Dimensions:   4288 x 2848
  Keywords:   wildlife natural history nature underwater sea life marine life invertebrates marine invertebrates crustaceans crabs round crabs Risso's crab Xantho pilipes bottom dwellers broken shells pebbles stones Xanthidae Xanthoidea Brachyura Pleocyemata Decapoda Eucarida Eumalacostraca Malacostraca Crustacea Arthropoda cool temperate seas warm temperate seas east Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea Scotland Isle of Skye Skye Geur Rubha pink black 11P 1B horizontal

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