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Jewel anemones
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  Image Reference:   PX-2XSMH4D
  Subject:   Jewel anemones
  Scientific Name:   Corynactis viridis
  Description:   Viewed from a distance jewel anemones appear as a patches of colour spread across submerged rock faces. Closer inspection shows that the colour comes from what appear to be numerous individual anemones. Each anemone is actually linked by slivers of tissue to others of the same colour and hence the same clone group and have expanded out to form a colony. Other colonies nearby will each belong to a different clone group and hence will exhibit different colours. Neighbouring colonies compete with each other for space. To 10 mm. NE Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Scotland, Mediterranean.
  Country:   Scotland
  Location:   Flannan Isles
  Additional Information:   N/A
  Release Status:   No Release
  Pixel Dimensions:   4288 x 2848
  Keywords:   wildlife natural history nature underwater sea life marine life invertebrates marine invertebrates anthozoans sea anemones anemones coral anemones corallimorpharians jewel anemones Corynactis viridis vivid colourful colony colonies Corallimorphidae Corallimorpharia Hexacorallia Anthozoa Cnidaria cool temperate seas warm temperate seas north east Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea Scotland Flannan Isles Dearc ne Sgeir orange 7O horizontal

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