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1. Site Navigation

This section gives an overview of the Pixsub site layout and provides basic guidance for users. Subsequent sections give more detailed explanations of site functionality and image content.

(a) Registration & Signing In

It is not essential to register and sign in prior to browsing the site however this will be necessary if you wish to purchase images from the library section. Registration or signing in may be achieved in the library section via the "Sign In/Register" link on the top right hand corner of the page header or by clicking the "My Account" menu item. Some of the "Lightbox" functionality will not be available without signing in.

(b) Menu Options

"Home" - This is the front page of the site and gives site access using the menu.

"Categories" - Gives visual access to thumbnail and web preview image pages organised by category.

 "Lightbox" - Allows browsing of image collections assembled by ticking the "Add to Lightbox" option where available.

 "Account" - Activated after signing in this opens a page which shows account history. Direct downloads are initiated from here.

 "Basket" - Shows image order details prior to purchase.

 "Information" - The page you are currently viewing.

 "Contact" - Self explanatory, Pixsub postal address, phone number and e-mail address.

(c) Icons

Links or useful information are marked by icons. By rolling your mouse onto the icon you will display additional site guidance.

(d) Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images are used as an intermediate stage during browsing or searching. Either a category selection, a set of search results or a lightbox will be displayed as one or more pages containing thumbnails. By default 6 thumbnails are displayed but this number can be increased to a maximum of 24 by using the "Media Per Page" drop down menu situated on the bottom right hand side of each page. Breadcrumb links and page numbers are provided at the top of each page to assist with navigation.

Each thumbnail is accompanied by a brief title or description and scientific name where appropriate. Clicking a thumbnail image will bring up a new page containing a larger web preview image along with its details.

Clicking the "Add to Lightbox" icon for a thumbnail allows image collections to be built for further scrutiny in the lightbox.

(e) Media Preview

When a category selection, a set of search results or a lightbox is displayed the "Media Preview" option is on by default. By rolling the mouse pointer over a thumbnail the image concerned can be viewed at a higher resolution. This function can be disabled by selecting Media Preview "Turn Off" in the side panel. 

(f) Slide Show

When a category selection, or a lightbox is displayed the "Slide Show" option may be selected. The show will continually cycle through higher resolution images of each thumbnail on the page. The show can be stopped by making the "End Slide Show" selection at the top right hand edge of the slide show box. A rolling filmstrip showing thumbnails of the images available for the show can be viewed by selecting "Filmstrip On/Off". By clicking a filmstrip thumbnail you can make the slideshow jump to that image. By clicking the main slideshow image you can go directly to its web preview page (see next item).

(g) Web Preview Images

By clicking a thumbnail you will be taken to a new web preview page containing a higher resolution copy of the image concerned (500 pixels on the longest dimension). You will also be able to scrutinise image details and keywords extracted from the image IPTC data. Should you wish to purchase an image licence the rights managed price calculator at the bottom of this page is your starting point.

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2. Searching for Images

The available search methods are outlined below. Each search will generate thumbnail pages containing search results or the message “Your search returned no results”. To view a low resolution version of any image along with its caption information double click the thumbnail or the image ID number. Specific images can be collected for further scrutiny by clicking “Add to lightbox”. The collection can then be re-examined later by selecting “Lightbox” from the menu strip.

(a) Visual Search

Carried out by first selecting one of the categories from the home page and then browsing the resulting thumbnail pages.

(b) Keyword Search

Each image in the database has caption information and keywords embedded. A search term is entered into the "Keyword Search" box and the "Search" button is clicked. Any images with a match in their embedded information will be displayed in the resulting thumbnail pages. The system supports the “AND” and “NOT” operands by the use of the plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) respectively in front of keywords entered in the search box.

Example - If you input “blenny +Scotland” into the search box, the system will only return results for any media that contains both “blenny” AND “Scotland” in its metadata. If you input “blenny -Scotland” into the search box, the system will return results for any media that contains the keyword “blenny”, but this media must not contain the keyword “Scotland” in its metadata.

Note: There must be no spaces between the second keyword and the input operands (+) or (-).

It is also possible to refine the search by selecting"Advanced Search".

(c) Browse Keywords

Selecting the "Browse Keywords"option will open a new page containing an alphabetic list of every keyword employed on this site. Each keyword is linked to one or more images in the Pixsub database. Following keyword selection any relevant images will be displayed on a thumbnail page as above.

(d) Browse Scientific Names

Selecting the "Browse Scientific Names" option will open a new page containing an alphabetic list of taxonomic family names each of which is linked to one or more images in the Pixsub database. Link selection will generate thumbnail pages displaying images of available species from within the named family.

(e) Browse by Colour

Selecting the "Browse by Colour" option will open a new page containing colour swatches linked to any images which have a corresponding colour match. Swatch selection will generate thumbnail pages displaying the colour matched images.

(e) Contents

Selecting the "Contents" option will open a new page displaying links in a conventional contents layout similar to a book.

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3. The Lightbox

The Lightbox is used to build image collections for further scrutiny. It may contain up to 48 images and is presented as one or more thumbnail pages with an additional lightbox menu bar.

(a) Gathering Images into a Lightbox

Images which you wish to place in a lightbox are selected by clicking the "Add to lightbox" tick box in either the thumbnail or the web preview pages. Individual images can be cleared from a lightbox by clicking "Add to lightbox" for a second time (removing the tick). The collection of images is displayed by selecting "Lightbox" on the main menu.

(b) Browsing Images in a Lightbox

As with the thumbnail pages it is possible to browse images using either loupe or slideshow (see Site Navigation above). Similarly clicking on a thumbnail will take you out of the lightbox and on to the appropriate web preview page.

(c) Lightbox Menu Bar Options

"Empty Lightbox" - Allows you to clear an entire collection of images from a lightbox.

"Refresh" - Updates the lightbox page in a similar manner to the refresh on a web browser.

"Slide Show"- Initiates the slide show window as described above.

"Send Lightbox" - Via e-mail enables a nominated colleague to view a lightbox, details below.

"Lightbox Manager" - Allows the setting up and naming of multiple lightboxes, details below.

(d) Comments Box

Each thumbnail in a lightbox has its own comments form which opens up after selecting the related "Comments" link. Here it is possible to append notes, reminders etc which will be visible to anyone else viewing the lightbox. All comments will be labelled with the username of the originator and will remain with the thumbnail for the life of the lightbox. Only available to registered visitors who have logged in.

(e) Send Lightbox

Presents a form which on completion is e-mailed to a nominated colleague. After opening the e-mail the recipient is able to view the related lightbox. The lightbox will carry its unique session number to allow tracking. Only available to registered visitors who have logged in.

(f) Lightbox Manager

This facility can be used to create multiple lightboxes. It is only available to registered visitors who have logged in. On logout the lightboxes are stored and may be accessed for further viewing and editing on a subsequent visit. All lightboxes are allocated a unique session number and may be set up and named prior to image placement.

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4. Shopping Cart

The shopping cart displays your order details in tabular form. A thumbnail image is displayed alongside the appropriate pricing details.

(a) Rights Managed Images

For rights managed images the licence details will be displayed under the heading "Licence Type"

(b) Removing Images from the Shopping Cart   Clicking this icon will remove the related image from your shopping basket.

The icon shown above appears in the "Action" column of each image in the shopping cart. If you wish to remove an image from your order before proceeding to checkout please click this icon.

(c) Continue Shopping or Checking Out

Both of the above options are available on this page. For more details please read the section below entitled "Making a Purchase". You will need to login to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases and so that we can review your orders.

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5. My Account

If you are logged in this menu item will initially display your order history in tabular form organised by Order ID number. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to do so. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to make future purchases and so that your orders can be reviewed.

(a) Direct Download Clicking this icon will initiate a direct download.

The icon shown above will appear in the right hand column of each order when a direct download has been purchased. Clicking the icon will initiate the download.

(b) Print Invoice   Clicking this icon will allow you to print an invoice.

The icon shown above appears in the right hand column of each order. By clicking the icon you can print off a copy of the related invoice.

(c) Edit Profile

By clicking "Edit Profile" you will re-open the form used on initial registration and may update your details if necessary.

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6. Making a Purchase

Both rights managed image licences and royalty free images may be purchased using a conventional shopping basket to checkout procedure. All payments are processed at a secure site using the PayPal Gateway.

For rights managed images:

(a) For the required image select the web preview image from the thumbnail.

(b) In the web preview image page scroll down until the "Rights Managed Price Calculator" becomes visible.

(c) Starting at the top of the calculator make the appropriate image use selections from the licence options provided. If "None" is the only option provided please select this. Please remember to reset the start date when appropriate.

(d) When all option fields are filled select "Calculate Licence Price" to display the price.

(e) If you wish to proceed with the purchase select "Add to Cart". This will take you to your shopping cart where you can check the licence details and price of the required image.

(f) If you wish to make additional purchases select "Continue Shopping". Note that it is possible to remove images from the shopping basket by selecting the related "Remove" link icon.

(g) To finalise your purchase select "Checkout", this will take you to the order confirmation page. If you have not already logged on you will be prompted to do so at this point. If you are not registered you must follow the new customer link.

(h) The order confirmation page contains an order ID number along with the total value of your order. If you have been provided with a promotion or discount code please enter it in the "Promotion Code" window. To complete the purchase and obtain an instant download please select "Buy Now" to be redirected to a secure site where your payment will be processed.

(i) When the payment process is complete you will be redirected back to your account order information history. Select the "Download" link icon appropriate to your order Id to commence an immediate download of your images. The download will be available for up to three days from the date of purchase. You may also view and print an invoice from this page.

(j) Your download package will be in zip format and will be named with the order Id number.

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7. Image File Download Terms

Images are available as digital files which you can download. All digital files, whether for web use or print use are rights managed and sold under license. A summary of our terms is outlined below.

(a) Duration

The license to use rights managed images comes into effect from the date selected at the time of purchase and remains in place for the duration selected at the time of purchase.

(b) Usage

The license only applies to the customer and usage selected at the time of purchase and cannot be passed to any third party without the permission of Pixsub. Permission to use the images for purposes outside the terms of the license will normally be granted upon payment of a further fee

(c) Image Manipulation

Manipulation of images may only take place with the permission of Pixsub (cropping is permissible on the understanding that the main subject matter of the image is retained).

(d) Exclusivity

By request at the time of purchase a customer may publish the images to the exclusion of all other persons for the duration of the license. Pixsub however retains the right to use any image at any time for the purposes of advertising or other means of promotion. Please note that there may be occasions when this is not possible.

(e) Option

Rights managed images (including all copies) must be destroyed/deleted within 30 days of the license expiry date.

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8. Captions and Keywords etc

The following information is provided alongside each web preview image and is contained as metadata within each image.

(a) Scientific Name

The scientific name applied to each wildlife image is determined after careful identification of the subject. This is achieved by reference to an extensive library of published material and specialist websites where appropriate. As far as possible the scientific names are current. Where a name has recently been subject to amendment the previous name may be listed in the keywords. If for any reason a species cannot be accurately identified the generic name followed by the abbreviation sp. for species will be employed.

(b) Title

A short description of the image content or in the case of wildlife the common names of any animals or plants etc in the image.

(c) Description

A detailed description of the image content typically covering appearance, behaviour etc. Where wildlife is concerned a general indication of size and distribution are given based on information obtained from currently available publications.

(d) Country and Location

Indicate where the image was captured.

(e) Keywords

Any words or word groups pertinent to the image content which will also aid the search process. For wildlife this includes an indication of geographic distribution and taxonomic data.

(f) Release Status

If the image concerned is supported by a release then either "Model Release" or "Property Release" will be displayed.

(g) Pixel Dimensions

The exact width and height of the downloadable image in pixels. Note that this is not an indication of the web preview image dimensions.

(h) Additional Information

Any information relating to the image not already covered above. If an image has been subject to an exceptional level of processing or has been manipulated beyond the limits of retouching then that will be noted here.

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9. Supplied Images

(a) Image Dimensions

Images are normally supplied with the pixel dimensions used on initial capture, files are not interpolated. Where appropriate images may be cropped to reduce the overall dimensions, with scanned images this will always be the case.

The pixel dimensions of each image are shown on its associated web preview page. Prior to purchase please ensure that the image pixel dimensions are high enough for the intended final use, contact me if you are uncertain.

(b) Image File Format

Instant download files are supplied in the JPEG format and have been processed at the lowest possible compression setting (12 in Photoshop) in order to preserve image quality. For most purposes the loss of quality caused by JPEG compression at this level will not be discernable however it is recommended that the files are converted to the TIFF format on receipt. Files can be supplied in the TIFF format but not as a direct download.

(c) Colour Space and Bit Depth

Supplied files are 8 bit images in the Adobe 1988 colour space.

(d) Metadata

The details displayed beside the web preview of each image are contained within the IPTC metadata of each supplied file and can be read or copied from any image processing application which can handle IPTC data.

(e) Image Processing

Supplied images are not sharpened for output however a minimal level of capture sharpening is normally applied to each image. Images may be retouched to remove dust marks, scratches and similar (including backscatter in underwater images) if appropriate. Where extensive backscatter has been removed from an underwater image using complex processing the words "backscatter removed" will be detailed in the web preview page of the image concerned. Images are not subject to manipulation but may be enhanced using methods which replicate the use of filters and similar techniques in conventional photography. If significant improvement can be achieved by the removal of a distracting object then it will be removed and the words "clutter removed" will appear in the associated web preview page.

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